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Take control of your delivery times

A unified platform for Customers, Logistics companies, Transport Carriers and Delivery Drivers

End to end visibility of all delivery milestones for all supply chain stakeholders in real-time

The Problem

A highly fragmented supply chain, manual data handling processes and pressure on operational staff lead to a lack of transparency, communication breakdown and impact on your bottom line.

Our Solution

KargoLogic's cloud based SaaS platform connects your supply chain using simple built-in workflows.

The platform gives complete transparency from booking to delivery without compromising the data flow.



Reduce costs through automation

Connect and coordinate with multiple carriers, schedule deliveries and standardise your workflows.


End-to-end transparency and visibility

View all milestones from pick up through to delivery and share data with the supply chain.


Unified data sharing and communication

Avoid communication breakdowns arising from disparate data formats and data handling processes.



Automate work order allocation

Apply smart rules to automate the routing of work orders to your carriers of choice.


Schedule pick-up and drop-off

Book time slots and get notified of delivery milestones with real-time geo-located data.


Chain of responsibility compliance toolkit

Automate the request and delivery of COR documents from carriers and other parties in the supply chain. 


KargoLogic levels the playing field by providing seamless communication and automation for small to medium businesses operating in the space, increasing their ability to compete with the large players in the market.

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