Ad-hoc continued…

Ad-hoc continued…

Our cloud platform allows drivers to receive all relevant information on the driver app and complete milestones according to the priorities set by the dispatcher. As the milestones are completed, customers and internal teams are kept fully informed.


Typically local delivery vehicles may be carrying load for multiple customers at the same time. For drivers, it becomes difficult to keep track of paperwork, getting sign offs and capturing conflicting information at pickup and delivery sites.

Our solution offers the operations team to attach critical documents, instructions and accurate customer details to each job specifically. The driver has ability to access all the information on driver app and additionally capture conflicting information which is instantly available for the operation team on our web platform.


No two days are the same when delivering orders. In an event where order details need to be updated, the operations team either calls or send a text message to delivery drivers. Drivers in return may forget or fail to acknowledge the changes to plan.

Our solution enables instant communication through our web platform. Delivery orders can be updated on the fly and drivers get to acknowledge without having to make a call to back office team. Drivers can also send in app comments back to the operations team as needed. All communication records are kept in cloud securely for later retrieval.