Courier continued…

Courier continued…

Our cloud platform has the ability to capture all delivery and customer related information. Enabling your team to be proactive in predicting delays, re-routing drivers and communicating effectively with internal and external customers on the go.


The need to accommodate for changing plans is critical in fast moving operation. As delivery windows are getting narrower, the need to dispatch orders to the closest driver with right vehicle is must to deliver on time.

Our solution offers the dispatch team to get live view of available drivers with vehicle type and capacity defined. As the delivery milestones are completed, all critical information is time stamped and presented on order screen instantly.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are measured on how quickly and efficiently they can deliver. However, the ever changing traffic conditions, unexpected weather and change in route plans can overwhelm the drivers.

Our solution empowers delivery drivers through a simple yet powerful app. Drivers receive accurate routing information, job details and ability to access documents digitally while reducing manual interaction with a driver app.