Every Freight Mode

Logistics plays an important role within supply chain ecosystem. Which may consist of many scenarios depending on whether your business is providing services as third party logistics (3PL), fourth party logistics (4PL), courier, ad-hoc, line haul or as a sub contractor.

“All these scenarios have one thing in common, the need for timely delivery of goods while ensuring compliance and access to live data at all times. Our solution is built from ground up on cloud technology with ability to customise to suit individual business needs out of the box”


Line Haul Challenges

Managing multiple subcontractors, trucks, trailers and company drivers for long distance routes requires accurate data at all times.

Most times data is captured in excel sheets, paper, text messages and emails to ensure proper communication and Chain of Responsibility compliance.


Courier Challenges

Delivery orders are received in a moments notice from online, offline and regular customers in many formats.

Your teams ability to quickly locate delivery drivers closer to customers using live map can drive immense amount of efficiencies in your business.


Ad Hoc Challenges

Carrying goods for multiple customers in one vehicle is optimal, but a nightmare when it comes to paperwork detailing consignment dockets, proof of deliveries, pallets information and advising proper routes.

All while trying to limit driver’s interaction with a driver app.